All You Need to Know About Wearing Glitter Eyeliner

The no-makeup makeup look or an all natural look is great for everyday outings. However, big events like New Year’s eve, bachelorette parties, Halloween, and nights out, call for some bold choices like glitter eyeliner.

While glitter eyeliners are a fashion statement in themselves, when applied in the right way and with the right look it can become a work of art. For a first-timer, it can be a bit intimidating to wear glitter and don such a bold and dramatic look successfully. Haven’t we all watched thousands of beauty tutorials every day to learn the perfect application of glitter eyeliner, thanks to the Internet?

While beauty tutorials are great, sometimes they may overwhelm and confuse you. You might want to try out a tip but might get confused by what the other beauty blogger is saying. So, to make things simple here is an easy and comprehensive summary for how to perfectly apply glitter eyeliner to create a dramatic and bold look.

How to Apply Glitter Eyeliner Perfectly:

  • Start With a Fresh Canvas:

Just like painting, for makeup, your face is your canvas and it is essential and necessary to start on a fresh canvas. So, before you start your makeup routine, wash your face with a face wash or cleanser and apply a non-oily and light moisturizer. Ensure that the moisturizer has been properly absorbed by your skin and that there are no traces of it on your face when you start applying the makeup.

  • Create a Look of Your Liking:

Now, you can go on to create the eye makeup look of your liking. The most popular look that makes use of glitter eyeliner is the smokey eye. Shades of brown, red, and black are blended generously to create the smokey eye look, which is then completed with a gold glitter eyeliner. This is a classic combination that works for all skin tones and eye colors perfectly. However, you can also use light colored pastel shades or hues on your eyelid and pair them with purple, electric blue, and emerald green eyeliners.

  • Use Powder Eyeshadow:

Make sure that the eyeshadow you are using is powdered, as it smudges less than cream and gel eyeshadow. Cream and gel eyeshadow tends to get smudged more than powdered eyeshadow, which can ruin the look created by the glitter eyeliner as well.

  • Apply a Dark Eyeliner Before Glitter Eyeliner:

Eyeliners like gold glitter eyeliners are mainly used as accents for greater impact. Alone, a glitter eyeliner might not look as appealing. So, apply a darker eyeliner like black or brown before going full glam and applying the glitter eyeliner on top of it. This will not only highlight both the eyeliners but will also make the overall look beautiful.

  • Apply the Glitter Eyeliner:

It’s now finally time to apply some sparkle on your eyes. The best way to apply the liner is to apply it as a single stroke above the dark liner. If you made wings, you can also highlight only that part of the liner to create a chic and edgy look. The market is filled with a range of colors like red, blue, pink, and golden glitter eyeliners. So don’t be afraid to pick the hue that reflects your personality the best.

Tips To Apply Glitter Eyeliner

  • The Glitter Eyeliner Goes Last:

Whether its purple or gold glitter eyeliner, always apply it right at the end of your makeup routine. So, create your base, apply the concealer, contour, highlight, and then apply the eyeliner as the finishing touch.

  • The Right Kind of Brush:

The kind of brush you use to apply the glitter eyeliner depends on the style you prefer. Using the wrong brush for the application will not bring about the desired result. For example, if you want to just outline your brown or black eyeliner with a golden glitter eyeliner, then use a thin brush for that. However, if you want to use the golden glitter eyeliner only, then use an angled brush for the application.

  • Too Much Is Not Always Good:

If you think that loading up on glitter is a perfect way to turn heads, then you might be wrong. If you plan on wearing an outfit that is glamorous in itself and quite extravagant, then a thin stroke of glitter eyeliner will do the trick, without making your makeup look overdone.

  • Choose the Color Carefully:

Much like choosing the color of eyeshadow, the color of glitter eyeliners can also make or break your look. While the primary function of eyeliners is to outline and define the eyes, glitter eyeliners, especially the lighter shades, tend to reflect the light and hence are unable to properly define the eye. So, if you want to outline your eyes using only glitter eyeliners, choose the color wisely.

  • Do Not Overdo Glitter:

If you are applying glitter on your eyes, refrain from using it elsewhere. For example, do not apply too much highlighter or shimmery lipstick, unless you are aiming for a very dramatic and bold look.

  • Choose Waterproof Glitter Eyeliner:

If you have a habit of smudging your eye makeup, then it’s best to opt for waterproof glitter eyeliner to avoid ruining the entire look. Pencil glitter eyeliners are soft and smudge quite easily, as opposed to the waterproof varieties.

In Conclusion:

Applying glitter eyeliner in the right way is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Hopefully, this tutorial and the tips mentioned above will help you achieve the look that you desire. Keep sparkling and stay beautiful!