How to Choose the Perfect Glitter Eyeshadow Palette?

Experimenting with your makeup, especially your eye makeup, is a way to break your monotonous makeup routine. However, to get the right makeup look, you need to choose the right eyeshadow palette that not only compliments your skin tone but also your eye color.

Glitter eyeshadows are a great way to make your eye makeup look glamorous punch and add an oomph factor to it.

When it comes to choosing the glittery eyeshadow palette, you need to consider some factors before making your choice. This article helps you to choose the ideal glitter eyeshadow palette that will help you look your best on any occasion.

Picking the Right Glitter Eyeshadow Palette for a Glamorous Look

Among the multiple factors that should be considered while finding the perfect eyeshadow palette for your eyes, the following two factors are the most important determinants.

  • Your skin complexion.
  • Your eye color.

Let us elaborate on these two factors to help you narrow down your selection process a bit.

The Perfect Glitter Eyeshadow Palette on the Basis of Your Skin Complexion

All types of skin tones have an undertone. Pink or blue represents a cool undertone while peach, yellow or golden tinge means that you have a warm skin undertone. When it is neither warm or cool undertone, it is a neutral undertone.

While picking eyeshadows it is important to match it with not only your skin tone but also with the undertone. Therefore, select an eyeshadow palettes that accentuates your skin complexion as well as the undertone. The eyeshadow colors suitable for varied skin complexions and undertones have been listed below.

Eyeshadow Palette Options for Light Skin

Women with a fair complexion and cool undertone can highlight their eyes with the use of glitter eyeshadows of jewel hues, such as sapphire blue or emerald green. On the other hand, people with a combination of fair skin and warm undertone will look their best in earthy colors, such as bronze, cream, and copper.

Eyeshadow Color Choices for Light Brown or Wheatish Skin Tones

People with light brown or wheatish skin tone usually possess warm undertone. They can opt for gold, rust, and shades of cinnamon that matches best with their warm undertone. If you want to recreate the bold smokey eye makeup look opt for dark brown shades and copper glitter eyeshadow palettes to complement your skin tone.

Eyeshadow Color Choices for Olive Skin Tones

People having olive skin tones usually have a combination of golden undertones and an ashen hue that cools down the warmth of this complexion. However, it is not considered a neutral skin tone. Cool shades like teal and various other shades of blue can help create a gorgeous makeup look for women with olive skin.

Eyeshadow Color Choices for Dark Skin Tones

People with dark complexions can opt for metallics and pop colored eyeshadows, like teal, purple, or midnight blue to create a stunning look. However, if you are using colors with cooler tones, be careful about the quality of the glitter eyeshadow palette to ensure that the color of the product comes out exactly like the way you want it to. If you want to use warmer colors then rose gold and coral will be perfect for you.

The Best Glitter Eyeshadow Palette According to Complement Different Eye Colors

The color of your eyes is yet another aspect that acts as a determinant while choosing your ideal eyeshadow color. To find out the perfect glitter eyeshadow palette that complements your eye color, keep reading.

  • Grey Eyes

Women with gray eyes look stunning with various shades of gray glitter eyeshadows. If you prefer a smokey effect for your eyes, go for tones of black.

  • Brown Eyes

A slight touch of different glittery shades of brown shades and soft nudes can create a dewy yet deep look for women with brown eyes.

  • Black Eyes

Having black eyes is a boon as every eyeshadow goes perfectly with this eye color. You can literally apply any eyeshadow shade to create beautiful eye makeup if the color of your eye is black.

  • Blue Eyes

Women with blue eyes should opt for shades like gold, rich browns, coral, peach, champagne, copper, and beige to create make your eye look beautiful. However, keep away from all shades of blue as it will make your eyes look pale.

  • Green Eyes

You can pick taupe glitter eye shadow if you have green eyes to look more attractive. Taupe is a shade with a combination of gray and a tinge of brown. Brighter tones of red, purple, plum and golden will also look great and accentuate your green eyes further.

The Bottom Line

By now you know which glitter eyeshadow palette will work best for your skin tone and your eye color. Following the above tips and using some more creative ways, as well as correctly blending your eyeshadows, your eyes will perfectly stand out.