Selecting the Perfect Glitter Eyeshadow Palette to Add to Your Makeup Kit

Ask a woman about eyeshadows and she will tell you it is never enough. Eyeshadows are an integral part of eye makeup and every woman desires a wide variety in her collection. A large part of this range consists of the glitter eyeshadows. The glittery eyeshadows are eye-catching and can make you stand out in the crowd. Although not essential, they are like the seasoning on a well-cooked dish that adds an extra flavor to it, creating a memorable effect. But choosing the perfect eyeshadow is no easy thing. Here are a few options which you may consider while you’re planning to select your own glitter eyeshadow palette:

  1. Multicolored glitter eyeshadow palette: This vibrant palette is for the true makeup enthusiast and offers no less than eighteen shades with three different types of finish – the glitter, the foil, and the high impact and glamorous color with a pigmented tint. This range of glitter will be a perfect touch for a night-out or Saturday night parties. Complementing the bold look, a lighter shade for the lips would be perfect. This type of palette is best suited for deep colored dresses and gowns.
  2. The sizzling palette of neutral colors: In case you like neutral shades, and are someone who constantly loves to experiment with their looks, then you may grab this palette which has numerous shades that you love, all with a more glittery finish. The metallic shades in this palette offer just enough shimmer so as to add a sprinkling of glamor to a natural look created with makeup. This palette will help you create the perfect, understated look that you planned to put together.
  3. Matte Plus glitter palette: This is an unusual glitter eyeshadow palette with half of it being matte and the other half being glitter. It contains hues suitable for both casual and formal occasions. You may set the base of your eye makeup with one and then contrast or balance it out with another. For example, you may set the base with purple or taupe matte shades and then apply some glitter with the metallic pigments or rich duo-chrome shade.
  4. Shimmering eyeshadow palette: The shimmering eyeshadow palette is for the ones who enjoy glossy and dewy eyeshadow. It is not powdery and gives a fun and shimmery effect which is light yet not boring or monotonous. It is a perfect pick for day makeup. However, you can always use it for formal dinners, academic presentations, and business meetings as well.
  5. Prismatic tint glitter palette: If you are planning to opt for a glitter eyeshadow palette, then the prismatic shades will be the perfect pick for you. It has a multicolored range of vibrant and chunky glitter. You may use a white base, intensify the various shades of glitter with a layer of black underneath and then apply the eyeshadow glue to keep the glitter in place, that comes along with this palette.
  6. The faint pastel eyeshadow palette: It is great to have a range of bold shades but glitter eyeshadow doesn’t necessarily have to be bright and bold all the time. The faint, pastel shades of this palette offer an array of beautiful shimmer tints that will surely bring out the elegance of your features. For a morning beach party or a white wedding or even for casual dinner dates, a subtle shimmer of the off-beat pastel shades often works like magic!
  7. The bold-pastel midway palette: Women who love bold colors and those who prefer neutral ones would both love this palette. The shades of this palette are exceptional and are somewhere in the middle of the pastel shades and the bolder ones. This kind of palette is the best for older women and those who are unwilling to put too much emphasis on eye makeup.
  8. Mix and match eyeshadow palette: This amazing eyeshadow palette contains four different types of finish which can be mixed and matched in a number of ways. Ordered in accordance with the extent of glitter present, the mix and match eyeshadow palette comes with a collection of eight matte shades, three duo-chrome toppers, six pressed pearls, and one pure glitter. Hence, with so much variety, there is bound to be something for everyone.

In Conclusion

However, before picking up a glitter palette randomly, you must be sure of the texture and the type of eyeshadow you want. Just like every skin tone is unique, so are the colors of the eyes. However, one can always experiment with the choices when buying a glitter eye-shadow palette.

For example, mineral eye-shadows, made from mineral components, are good for sensitive or allergy-prone skin, while the shimmer and metallic ones are for those who wish to party into the wee hours of the night, and cream eye-shadows stay on for longer and are better for dry skin. In the end, whichever palette you choose, you must keep two main things in mind – your budget and your skin type. Once you strike this balance, there will be a whole new level of fun to be had from makeup.